Monday, June 10, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Clutch

Quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY with a stunning result

Clutch Tutorial at Salute to Cute Blog

"This really is the most unbelievably easy project, and the result is stunning!  The three finger ring we used was bought off Ebay for $2.50 including postage, and the sunglasses case was bought from the dollar store for $3.50, so cheap! If you can't find the right coloured case, you could paint it before you attach the ring. Cover it in polka dots or a chevron pattern, or your name in beautiful calligraphy, the options are limitless.  This clutch is stunning too, inspired by Alexander Mcqueen's infamous clutches, it is the perfect accessory for a classy night out. It would also make an affordable and customizable gift".... Read more

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