Monday, June 3, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Girl's Dress with a Knit Belt

Geared for a confident beginner

Girl's Dress Tutorial at Blooms n Bugs Blog

"A couple of weeks ago I shared the Free Sewing Pattern for Knit A-Line Dress here. The dress I made turned out so comfy that my daughter chose to wear if often. So I used the pattern to make a different version of the same pattern.  This version was inspired by the T-Shirt Loop Dress that I saw a couple of years back on Me Sew Crazy. I loved how novel and stylish this design element was.  Particularly, in knit dresses these loops eliminate the waist belts ( that keep coming undone ever so often) and still lend some degree of fit. I had been wanting to try this in one of my projects and finally did. I love how this dress turned out".... Read more

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