Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make a Bag from Cargo Pants

Upcycle pants by making them into drawstring bags

Tutorial at Charm of Carolina Blog

"If you have pants in your closet that you’re no longer wearing, this is a fun (and easy) way to upcycle them.  When I was hunting a pair of pants to turn into a drawstring bag for my son, I was originally looking through old jeans.  I did attempt this project with jeans, but wasn’t quite happy with the outcome because the jeans were so thick the bag didn’t draw up and close very well.  So, I dug around some more and found this pair of capris that already had zippered pockets on the outside and drawstrings at the bottom.  I was excited to find I could actually create three different bags from this one pair of capris".... Read more

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