Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Submit Your Tutorial

Update: I hate that I've had to do this, but I've disabled comments on this post. From now on, I'll only be accepting 100 submissions per month. Once 100 submissions are received, the form below will stop accepting them. The form resets on the 3rd of each month (I think). Submissions will no longer be accepted in the comments of this page or anywhere else. Only submissions received through the form will be accepted. And only one tutorial per day, per person will be accepted.

I can't tell you how sorry I am to have to do this.

I want you all to know that I appreciate every single one of your tutorials and spend way too much time reading and admiring your creations. I only wish that I could post them all. Please don't be hurt if yours isn't posted. It's just not possible to post every one.

I can't thank you all enough for submitting and visiting!


Do you have a tutorial, recipe or pattern to share? It's free and easy! Each post here links directly to the tutorial author's blog.

There are just a few rules.

1. The tutorial you submit has to be your own, on your own blog, and free. A guest author on your blog is fine. Your tutorial should have its own post on your blog. Your tutorial can also be posted on flickr, instructables, craftster or other similar site. No commercial sites. Please don't link to your own online shop to purchase the supplies or finished product.

2. The tutorial, along with your blog, needs to be family/work friendly.

3. The tutorial has to teach the readers how to do something. It can be craft related, a recipe, blog tutorial, pattern, pretty much anything as long as it describes each step and has photos along the way.

4. Posting a link to Totally Tutorials isn't necessary with your first tutorial submission. I ask that before submitting your second tutorial, you post a link to me on your blog sidebar. It can be a text link or you can grab one of the codes for the button links on my sidebar. If you create tutorials on a regular basis, I'd love to have you submit one daily, weekly, etc. After linking here, let me know on the "Trade Links" page so I can link back on my sidebar.

I''ll be posting one photo and a quote with each tutorial. By submitting your tutorial, you're giving me permission to use one of your photos and a few sentences from your blog. I'll choose the photo and the quote. Of course, I'll be linking everything back to your blog. The photo and the quote will be just enough to encourage readers to click through to your blog. The traffic going out to the blog tutorials has exceeded my expectations! This is a great way to promote your blog.

I may crop the photo that I use for site uniformity and so that viewers can see your item nice and close up.

Not all submissions will be accepted. Unique tutorials and fabulous photos will help with having your tutorial posted.

*If there aren't enough photos, it's not written clearly, it's incomplete, the subject is controversial, the photos are of poor quality or there's a tutorial already listed that's too similar, I may not post it. (I will post tutorials on the same subject with different methods - just not ones that are nearly identical.)
*I won't post any tutorial for children's items that I feel may be unsafe.
*I won't be posting copyright infringing tutorials either. I'm no attorney, but if it's obvious (like how to make a Hello Kitty pendant), I can't post it. Please don't use photos taken from other sites in your tutorial without permission.
*I won't post "knock off" tutorials. If you show a photo of the original and explain how to make it, I can't post it. "Inspired" by is okay if you've put a new spin on it and don't use the photo of the original.
*If you link to your own online shop in your tutorial - to buy the supplies or the finished product, I won't post your tutorial. I was posting them before because, hey self-promotion is rough and good for you for finding a new way to do it. I'm receiving too many of them now. I don't want this blog to become ad after ad, so I think it's best to stop. Sorry about that.
The one exception will be supply shops and tutorial makers participating in my Exchange Program.
*If your blog isn't in English, I may not post it. If there are plenty of photos (or a video) that show the process clearly to those that don't speak your language, then I'd love to post it. If it's difficult or impossible to follow your tutorial without being able to read the instructions, then I won't post it.
*Your tutorial may be awesome and none of the above and yet I still may not post it. Sorry about that. You wouldn't believe the number of submissions I receive. I simply can't post all of them.

I can't respond to your tutorial submission nor can I let you know when or if it's been posted. To find out if your tutorial has been posted, keep an eye on your blog's sitemeter. Hopefully that'll let you know when you've been featured here. You could also set up a "google alert" for the name of your blog. Then you'll receive an email when your tutorial is posted or when anyone mentions your blog name.

After your tutorial is posted here, be sure to check back for comments left for you.

Please help me spread the word about this blog, and therefore about your tutorial. Twitter it. Stumble it. Link to it. Thank you!

Some tutorials will be chosen to be highlighted in the "Featured Tutorial" spot on the sidebar. I change it each morning.

Your tutorial won't be posted right away. Depending on the number of tutorials I have lined up, your tutorial may take a week or more to be posted.

Exchange Program tutorials and tutorials of upcoming holidays go to the head of the line to be posted.

Tutorial makers, please consider participating in my Exchange Program. You can receive free supplies in exchange for creating a tutorial. Please check the left sidebar for current exchanges.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your submissions, your comments and your visits! Thank you!

Before submitting your tutorial, pattern or recipe - Did you read the guidelines above?
Be sure....
that this is your own blog and tutorial (or a guest writer on your blog).
that you haven't used any other photos without permission.
that you have great photos showing several steps of the process.
that you have a great photo of the finished piece.
that it's free and on a non-commercial site.
that your site is family/work friendly.
that it's not a tutorial for a "knock off".
that you're not trying to sell the supplies or the finished piece.

Please use the form below to submit one tutorial, recipe or pattern at a time. Only one per day please!

If you see "Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions" below, that means that I've reached my limit of 100 submissions this month. I'm no longer accepting them in the comments. More information about this at the top of the page.

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  1. I'm no longer accepting tutorial submissions in the comments section. Please read more about it at the top of the page.