Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tutorial - Make a Jewelry Dish with Air-Dry Clay
Look around your home for an interesting surface imprint stamp

" I officially have a new craft obsession: air dry clay! I've always wanted to make some of those cute jewellery dishes so I went and bought some air dry clay. The only time that I have used air dry clay was for my Christmas ornaments and the fact that it took 3 days to dry (then) discouraged me from using it again. This time I used a different one and it was so much better! It dried overnight and it was so easy to use".... Read more

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Falling Plant Home Decor
Easy idea to make any space look more cozy

Tutorial at Cute Simple Stuff Blog

" I love plants and flowers, but I always tend to kill them. However, I know how important having nature around the house is, so I don´t give up on plants, I just opt for fake nature. To me, having nature (natural or fake) can really transform any space. It can go from blah, to cozy and fresh with just some green thrown in there.  I do need more green in my life and o my house, so this is a start. Here I show you step by step how to make this falling plant, cascade plant, hanging plant".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Girl's Bubble Shorts
Use colorful cotton from your stash for trim

Tutorial at Nanny Craft 4 U Blog

"Today I am going to show you how I used our shorts pattern to make girl’s bubble shorts with curved, gathered pockets for our little grand daughter, Jess".... Read more

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tutorial - How to Cross Stitch on Crochet
Use any weight of yarn, make any size, and use any cross stitch pattern

Tutorial at Oomanoot Blog

"The thing about crochet, as opposed to knit, is getting a nice clear straight pattern is pretty near impossible, since the stitches form diagonal lines. This can be a good thing, sometimes, but when you’re trying to make a cat, well. That’s just not going to work.However, there is an easy workaround. By crocheting a simple back and forth panel of single crochet, you can create a canvas for a cross stitch image of your choice. This can be done with any weight of yarn and made to any size, using any cross stitch pattern".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a No-Sew Pillowcase
Restyle a pillow using this quick and simple idea

Tutorial at Life & Lisa Blog

"If you are looking for a quick way to refresh your living room/ bedroom/ car/ anywhere you please, here's the way. As you've probably realized, I love a good quick and easy tutorial and this no-sew pillowcase fits the bill! The beauty of this is that you adjust it to fit your requirements. So I recommend buying the pillow first, then getting the material to fit it. I bought material 4 times the length of the pillow, also make sure the height is long enough to wrap around the pillow".... Read more

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Crossover Top
Video lesson in adjusting a pattern style

Tutorial at So Sew Easy Blog

"I like to offer up a new free sewing pattern. But so many people have been asking me recently about how I make the patterns, how they can make their own, and how they can adjust patterns to fit them better or slightly change the style, that I thought a change was in order for this month".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Flower Planter Decorations
Embellish with some beads if you like

Tutorial at Patchwork Posse Blog

"Spring is the time of flowers!  All kinds of different ones…..but just in case the weather isn’t cooperating with you, here is something super quick you can sew up today and give yourself some little Spring hope!  There are two shapes– a simple 6 petal flower and a tulip.  These would be perfect to stick in a little flower pot on Mother’s Day".... Read more

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tutorial - How to Fix a Broken Plastic Lid
Moldable plastic beads can be shaped as needed

Tutorial at Green Issues by Agy Blog

"I usually repair a lot of textile related possessions and have featured several on my Fix It Friday series. I love how you can create a piece of art when you mend a garment. However, when it comes to the techie fixes, or anything that uses anything from the tool box, I usually leave them to my husband. But not today, I'm trying something different. I have decided to tackle a non-textile related fix".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Knit a Color Blocked Afghan
Step by step on how to knit a colorful and comfy afghan that uses just one stitch

Tutorial at Smiling Colors Blog

"This afghan is comfy, chunky, colorful and it’s the right size for two people to cuddle in. This afghan (or is it blanket?) let me combine two of my loves; yarn plus color. I wanted a simple pattern, but vibrant colors and this handmade knit blanket is what I came up with.  Handmade knits make an absolutely wonderful gift for someone near and dear. If you haven’t ever knit before, its not as difficult as you think and I have an older blog post here that will walk you through the steps and help you learn to knit".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Popsicle Stick Earrings
Searching for mother's day gift ideas? Why not try these inexpensive and lightweight earrings

Tutorial at Curly Made Blog

"Today, I wanted to experiment a little with popsicle sticks and since I haven't made earrings in a while this was the perfect opportunity to try a new idea. Use your creativity and try as many color combinations as you want, I was in the mood for some light colors, so I slowly mixed the paints together to create pastel shades.  Since I already had all the materials, this project cost me absolutely nothing and was super quick to make".... Read more

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make Recycled Oven Mitts
Search your closet for fabrics to make a set

Tutorial at Yogurt Hydro Blog

"My kitchen was looking drab. I haven’t replaced any kitchen linens in years, and frankly my oven mitts and tea towels were a bit on the embarrassing side. I’m going to show you a picture, and you’ll know why these items have not previously appeared in any posts!!  They poke at me, pester me, and generally make a nuisance of themselves until I do something about it. Once the kitchen linens were on my radar, the results were inevitable. It had to be done".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Draw Plants
Draw everyday if you really want to see yourself improving

Tutorial at The Tender Garden Blog

"Do you love plants and drawing?? I've always loved drawing and sketching things but plants weren't really the things that I drew often. I would say it's easier than drawing faces, people or animal so maybe this will be a good daily quick task for you to do if you just started getting in to drawing or doing croquis. I'll be sharing how I practice drawing plants and this tutorial is more about for you to see how you improve on drawing plants as you practice more, rather than making a perfect drawing".... Read more

Tutorial - Simple Yarn Container
Great for keeping your yarn from rolling across the floor, collecting dust, etc.

Tutorial at Bread & With It Blog

"I was doing my weekly stroll through Jo Ann’s the other day, (It’s become a second home for me, since they just built one by my house, and homeschool moms qualify for Jo Ann’s 15% teacher discount. These are all things that make me very happy.) and I came across the famous Yarntainer. The Yarntainer is seriously one of the best inventions I’ve seen in a long time".... Read more

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tutorial - How to Weave a Mini Key Fob
Mini weaving project is a great way to try out this popular craft

Tutorial at The Crafty Mummy Blog

"I’ve been wanting to try some weaving after seeing lots around the Net recently, and I also needed to replace the fob on my keys so I created a tiny woven piece that will hang off my keys and help me keep track of them".... Read more

Tutorial - Make Homemade Spider Repellent
Ingredients won’t harm your family or pets

Tutorial at The Seaman Mom Blog

"I truly, deeply hate spiders! (although some of them are so incredibly small and cute, I might change my mind about them one of these days). So here I am now, armed with a bottle of this homemade spider repellent, frantically spraying the windows and doors, almost every day, in what it seems a successful attempt to keep these little, wild creatures away from our human, domestic world.  This homemade spider repellent is quite nice, really and extremely quick and easy to do".... Read more