Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make Chalkboard Paint
Create your own trendy message boards

Tutorial at Homemade Hooplah Blog

"Chalkboard surfaces are so trendy right now, and I can see why – it’s a classy effect and so amazingly useful. If left to my own devices I would probably cover every surface in this house in chalkboard paint. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. It would save me so much money on post-it notes (and yes, I still use those). After researching a couple different ways to make chalkboard paint, I decided to go with the recipe that uses Plaster of Paris".... Read more

Tutorial - Recycle Book Pages into a Flower Wreath
Hang your pretty wreath with some jute twine

Tutorial at Borei by Design Blog

"Got some plastic grocery bags, leftover fabric, a cardboard box and an old book ready for recycle? Once again I'm up to crafting using only materials found around my home. My latest project involves upcycling these items to make a new wall hanging/wreath. I drew inspiration from some of the felt flower barrettes I've made for my daughter".... Read more

Friday, January 30, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a No-Sew Sock Snowman
You need two socks and a few other supplies for this project

Tutorial at Coloured Buttons Blog

"As most of my recent tutorials  have been sewing projects, I thought it might be a nice change to make a crafty no sew project. This little sock snowman makes a great "desk friend" or paper weight and because he's filled with rice he's nice and squishy to hold too".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Homemade Deodorant
Scroll down page for directions in English

Tutorial at Sol Da Eira Blog

"I know it may be a strange idea. I also had many doubts until I tried it. And the fact is that it really works. Better than the others, believe me. The secret is in the baking soda. The other ingredients are there to keep the skin healthy and smooth.  When I started this adventure of making homemade deodorant, because of the components that are bad for one’s health, I read lots of recipes and opinions. Finally, I summed everything in my head and gave it a try. And it was a really good surprise! It was perfect all day long! And believe me, Timor-Leste is really hot".... Read more

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tutorial - Knit a Braided Cable Headband
Makes a great gift, or cold weather accessory for yourself

Tutorial at Fan of Stuff Blog

"This quick knit headband provides some sparkle for the holidays or parties. It also doubles as an ear warmer for the cold. The pattern suggests two yarns used in the pictures, but any two worsted weight yarns held together should work. Experiment with bulky and super-bulky too".... Read more

Tutorial - Doughnut with Cheese Filling
Hungarian wrapped doughnut makes a good snack, or a main meal

Tutorial at The Seaman Mom Blog

"Lángos  is a Hungarian food specialty, usually a deep fried flat bread made of a dough with flour, yeast, salt and water. Adding additional ingredients is optional but it gives the langos recipe a special twist, like in this case where I added cheese. I love cheese and thought why not mix the two together and make a more nutritious recipe".... Read more

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tutorial - Crocheted Chunky Scarf with Leather
Add or remove stitches to make the size you want

Tutorial at Sisters, What Blog

"I absolutely love scarfs, which is no secret. Unfortunately, in the Northwest it doesn't get quite cold enough for really thick scarfs, but I have found that this chunky crocheted scarf is the perfect warmth and comfort a Northwest winter. I made it into an infinity and added leather as an accent just like my other leather bound scarfs that I made (my second leather bound scarf). I used a really big hook and got the thickest yarn I could find. I really do love it. See below for free pattern".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Pom-Pom Bouquet
Use your handmade pom-poms to make a bouquet

Tutorial at Little Treasures Blog

"To continue my play with the pom-poms I made a bouquet. It is such an inexpensive and easy project and it also gives so much warmth and beauty as a décor. This is in fact a short how-to  - not that there aren't any on the internet - but this is the way I did it.  For the project I used fabric yarn, yarn".... Read more

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tutorial - How to Care for Vintage Lace
Washing, storing, and how to tell the right side from the wrong side

Tutorial at Fleur de Lis Quilts Blog

"I decided to add some vintage laces to the bolster.  These are laces that belonged to my mom and grandmother.  Some are quite old and most are pieces of lace salvaged from clothing now long gone.  Both Momma and Ma-ma were great stashers and saved bits and pieces for years.  There's no telling how old some of this lace is.Much of it has yellowed with age and most of it has been sitting in paper or plastic bags with a multitude of other things for years and years".... Read more

Tutorial - Alice in Wonderland Inspired Cookies
For Valentines Day, or for anyone, anytime

Tutorial at Cute Simple Stuff Blog

"I love Alice in Wonderland, the cartoon, and the other day I was watching it and I totally got inspired to recreate the cookies she takes out of a cookie container: Now, that scene was pretty damn fast but I could pause it on time (sort of) take a screenshot and tried to recreate what I saw. To make these I used".... Read more

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tutorial - Refashion a Pullover into a Cardigan
Convert an old sweater to a kimono cardi. Super easy!

Tutorial at Makery Blog

"So I mentioned in my last post (aka "that time I turned a cardigan into a sweater") that I would most likely do the same in reverse at some point. Welllllll....Pretty straightforward this peops. Take a long baggy sweater and cut the panel out of the front like so. Round the back up close to the neckline ribbing, then straight down the front perpendicular to the neckline".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Geometric Prism Necklace
Give this necklace a try with step-by-step video tutorial

Tutorial at Curly Made Blog

"This time I decided to make this geometric necklace with those tube beads from the earpins project, they are so versatile, I'm sure there will be much more ways to use them in the future.  For this necklace all you need is:  Metalic Tube Beads or Bugle Beads; Nylon Cord;  Needle;   Jump rings;   30inches or 75 cm Chain".... Read more

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make Fashion Dangle Earrings
Use any size beads and colors to make your own design

Tutorial at Mency's Place Blog

"We are here today and I am about to show you how to make this unique design. I came with this idea, one day sitting in my living room looking at the colors of my beads and trying to decide which earrings I could make on my own that will look nice and wearable. So, I read books about making jewelry and most of them showed that it is very important to choose at least one or at least two colors the max but if the colors are out to be many then matching them is crucial for a finished product that will definitely looks awesome".... Read more

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tutorial - How to Read a Crochet Chart
Visual tutorial explaining how to read a Granny Square crochet chart

Tutorial at Little Treasures Blog

"Here's the second part of how to read crochet charts, and for this time I chose a basic granny square pattern I have in my pinterest board. This is it. A fairly easy granny - not complicated at all. It consists of 4 rounds each marked with a different color. The symbols (for you beginners) are given below. So, let's start".... Read more

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tutorial - How to Sew Crazy Socks Leg Warmers
Sew with a stretchy knit with good recovery

Tutorial at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

"My little missy had her very first and oh-so exciting Girl Scout event last weekend.  It was a sleepover/cookie kick off. The sleepover party was held at our local event center/arena, so all the troops from the area were there.  (Lots of girls- so much fun!)  Part of the festivities was a crazy sock contest.  I figured she could wear the legwarmers I made last year, but after hunting all over, I could only find one of the rainbow sweater legwarmers! I really wanted her to win, so I knew it would be really quick and easy to make her another pair".... Read more