Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tutorial - Sew a Filigree Zippered Cosmetic Bag
Pretty way to show case the new filigree zippers available

Tutorial at Sewing the Seasons Blog

"Have you seen the gorgeous filigree/lace zippers that are starting to pop up for sale? I loved them immediately but wasn't sure best way to use them. Then Leesa, the amazingly creative force behind  SewBox Subscriptions asked me if I could write a tutorial using the zips as they were included in the February SewBox - this request got me thinking and the result was these pretty yet functional make up/all purpose purses".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Chocolate Biscuit Balls
If you prefer, roll with cocoa or crushed nuts

Tutorial at The Seaman Mom Blog

"They may not be the quintessence of healthy lifestyle but even desserts are good for you when consumed in moderation. This chocolate biscuits balls recipe is one of my favorite cookies for a lot of reasons.  This recipe is a good way to use cookies that are not as fresh, even homemade cookies. It doesn’t require baking, it looks pretty fancy especially when rolled through coconut flakes as I like to do and is super easy to make".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Crocheted Boot Cuffs
Remove pom-poms for a more elegant look

Tutorial at Mama In A Stitch Blog

"St. Patrick’s Day is all about over the top green, whimsical leprechauns, and luck. Are you in a pinch not to get pinched like me?
I wanted to make something that will be fun to wear on St. Patrick’s Day, but cute enough to pull off year round. I used worsted weight yarns for the boot cuffs. These are some beautiful, earthy colors from Lion Brand.  I used the fun, Kelly Green to make the poms.  My idea was to remove the poms after St. Patty’s in order to use the cuffs year round (though I like the poms so much that I may just leave them".... Read more

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Healthy Mint Milkshake
Recipe for a Breakfast Shamrock Shake

Tutorial at Chicago Jogger Blog

"To celebrate the new month of March {my birthday month!} and the upcoming Irish holiday in a few weeks, I have a healthy new green breakfast "milkshake" to share. Yes, green for shamrock. Can you guess what this recipe is a a copycat of? The Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, of course. The last time I had a Shamrock Shake was back in college. I remember driving around town with a friend one night in late March when an ice cream craving hit to find a McDonald's still serving the green treat. We eventually found one, but the shake wasn't as good as I remembered - it wasn't minty and had a weird soupy texture - and I haven't had another one since".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Vanilla Extract
When ready to use, it will have a deep dark color and a strong vanilla scent

Tutorial at Trial and Eater Blog
"Let’s talk about vanilla extract. If you’re a baker, you probably use a lot of the stuff. Those tiny little jars you buy at the grocery store probably don’t last you very long, and this isn’t an ingredient you can afford to go without in most cases. Have you ever thought about making own vanilla extract at home (or did you even know you could)? While it does take a while for it to age, it only takes a few minutes to get started and you only need two ingredients".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Knitted Basket
Tutorial also has notes for other size trays and baskets

Tutorial at Made by Chrissie D Blog

"Think of words you can put in front of tray: vanity; bits and bobs; candy; sweets; cosmetic; accessory; cutlery; letter; nail polish; ribbon; pencil; desk; organiser; make-up; storage; essentials and lots, lots more. However you say it, whatever you put in it, everyone can always use a tray. Ever thought of making your own?  How about making them as gifts, stacking several sizes together or filling them with goodies for British Mother's Day coming up in less than three weeks or Easter on 5 April this year?  I love to knit them - that way I can choose my own dimensions, yarns, trims and colours and today I'm sharing with you how I do it".... Read more

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tutorial - Embroidery Hoop Thread Organizer
An attractive way to organize thread spools

Tutorial at Sisters What Blog

"A couple of years ago I came across this simple and cute a embroidery hoop thread organizer on U-Create done by Yellow Spool. I've been wanting to do it for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to it. But now I have and it was a very quick project, like 10 minutes.  The one thing I did differently (by accident) was get the wrong size dowel. The dowel I got was slightly bigger than the 1/8th used in the actual tutorial, but it still worked out (yes, I was too lazy to go back and get the correct size - sometimes one can only go back to Joanns so many times in a week".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Bridal Veil
Customize your veil with colored tulle, adhere rhinestones, ribbon, or decoration to the comb

Tutorial at By Brittany Goldwyn Blog

"We had a great wedding. It was a low-key afternoon in Colorado with only our parents present. I found my dress secondhand. We did almost everything with a non-traditional approach. But since I wore a wedding dress, I also wanted to wear a veil. I’m not particularly old-fashioned; I just liked the idea of a veil. However, I quickly realized that veils are expensive. I wanted to keep it simple…I didn’t want beading, sequins, lace, or multiple tiers. So, after being unable to find exactly what I wanted, I decided to make my own".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Portable Chair Cushion
Cushions for those times you are sewing away from home and need some extra height

Tutorial at Elizabeth Made This Blog

"My sewing group and I have a wonderful church basement that we get to work in every month.  It’s next to the kitchen, it has tons of natural light, and we regularly get 2 large tables EACH to work with.  Basically, it’s an ideal work situation with one small problem–the chairs are super low, metal folding chairs that are as hard as rocks.  By the end of our long work day, I always have a headache from being ergonomically disadvantaged. Perhaps you, like me have a place where you sew away from home that has equally bad chairs.  But we sew, right? Make your own tie cushion with".... Read more

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Crocheted Cowl
Make this cowl in any size, with any weight of yarn

Tutorial at Anastacia Knits Designs

"The Marina Cowl was originally supposed to be published the beginning of November as a free pattern to crocheters, for a quick stitch item to make for the holidays.  There are two parts to this pattern: a traditionally written pattern for worsted weight yarn in two sizes, OR a recipe / pattern template, to make the cowl OR anything else you'd like made in the round (like legwarmers, boot cuffs, or simple fingerless gloves) with any yarn, using any size hook in any gauge and in any finished size".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Tissue Paper Bottle Art
Jazz up old bottles with this easy tutorial

Tutorial at Homemade Hooplah Blog

"I have a confession to make: I’ve saved all of our empty wine bottles and wine corks for the past 3 years.  Fortunately The Boyfriend and I don’t drink that much wine, but the floor of our spare bedroom is like a boneyard of all the wine we that we have drunk. There are easily 50+ bottles just sitting there, collecting dust. And if that didn’t make make me sound like a hoarder, I also have zip lock bags of wine corks stashed in cabinets and inbetween the couch cushions and all sorts of other odd places.  The only excuse I have for this behavior? Pinterest tells me it’s a good idea. Because “one day” all of these wine bottles and corks will be turn into dazzling displays of DIY art".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Sew a Zipper with Masking Tape
More easily replace a zipper using this tip

Tutorial at Green Issues by Agy Blog

"I'm not very good with repairing zippers or even sewing them but I learned a new technique from a friend at Repair Kopitiam. But let's look at my zip problem. This usually happens after a year or so and occurs when the opening of the zipper head starts to open up thus releasing the teeth".... Read more

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tutorial - Make Upcycled Watch Face Earrings
Turn watch parts into unique earrings

Tutorial at Upcycled Design Lab

"A few weeks ago I posted a tutorial on how to make a picture charm bracelet from old watches.  I have enjoyed making the bracelets enough to make quite a few. I am even hoping to make enough of them and or some other things to be able to participate in my first real craft show. Well all this bracelet making has left me with some extra watch parts.  Many of the actual watch faces are quite pretty and decorative so I knew I needed to use them for something".... Read more

Tutorial - Make a Bar Necklace with Polymer Clay
Fun, edgy, easy, and affordable necklace

Tutorial at Cute Simple Stuff Blog

"I´ve seen this bar necklaces everywhere online, and I wanted to give it a try, but of course with my own twist to it. There no much to say other than, I love this piece, is so cute, kind of industrial and edgy. Of course size is totally customizable, you can make it as big or as small as you prefer, this is me just sharing how I did it. Materials, and how-to come in this YouTube video, happy crafting and I hope you enjoy".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Refashion and Combine Two Shirts
Includes tips on how to finish to the button plackets so no one would ever know

Tutorial at Makery Blog

"I’d had both these vintage shirts hanging in my wardrobe for a few months. The spoils of a thrifting trip. The stripe one is a vintage Jaeger but was too short and had a straight hem which was not flattering on me at all. I like me a shirt tail hem….which fortuitously…the grey one had….hmmm…no brainer right?! Here’s how".... Read more