Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Jumbo Paper Mache Eggs
Decorate with large colored eggs you make yourself

Tutorial at Joyful Daisy Blog

"This is a wonderful project for three awesome reasons… 1. It is great to do with kids. 2. You don’t need a whole lot of supplies and what you do need doesn’t cost much. 3. The finished project is so fun to decorate with! So gather your kiddos, gather your supplies and get ready to make some awesome jumbo paper mache eggs".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Zippered Cosmetic Bag
Boxed corners make it surprisingly roomy

Tutorial at Hannah in the House Blog

"A seamstress I am not. However when given such a stunning bundle of Heal’s Fabrics and a challenge to create anything I want, I quickly dusted off the sewing machine and got cracking ... My aim is to show that crafting can be easy and you don’t have to be too precise. When I’m given too many craft rules I get bored and down tool, the making of this cosmetic bag is really easy and the end result is really impressive".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Bunny Ears for a Barbie Doll
Simple, last minute craft

Tutorial at Happier that a Pig in Mud Blog

"Sometimes the easiest things bring the biggest smiles... These Last Minute Super Simple Bunny Ears for Barbie would be so cute tucked inside a plastic egg, or they're a great project to have the girls make for themselves. It's a fast craft that only requires the plastic ring from a water bottle for the headband and pipe cleaners for the ears. Of course you could make them fancier and maybe glue a little pink to the center of each ear (you know I'm thinking glitter) but I wanted to keep it as quick and easy as possible, especially if you have several Barbies to help get ready for Easter".... Read more

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Polka Dot Easter Bucket
Use see-through buckets for Easter treats

Tutorial at About Family Crafts Blog

"While shopping for Easter treats, I was trying to find something fun to fill with Easter goodies for my grandkids but I wasn’t having much luck. I wanted something cute but also something small because they are all still pretty young and I didn’t want to give them too much candy. I figured that day will come soon enough!  I didn’t have much luck. I should know better by now… I usually get a picture of what I want in my mind so then it is nearly impossible to find something. That is the main reason I make so much stuff. Once I got home from shopping, I went into my craft room and started going through my cupboards. I knew I would have plenty of luck. I am a container hoarder. I have a huge plastic tote that is just full of baggies, boxes, and other containers I have saved to use again. I also have a huge cupboard of empty containers I have bought (even if I had no clue what to do with them). This cupboard is where I found these clear paint containers".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Bib Necklace with LED lights
Necklace from jeans material, scrap lace, and recycled ribbon

Tutorial at Green Issues by Agy Blog

"I've always wanted to make a bib necklace but didn't get around to doing it as I wasn't really sure what materials to use. Then a friend passed me an old jean skirt that no longer fitted her toddler.  I used the jeans as the necklace base and strengthened it with felt. I added black lace scraps from the upcycled LBD project, a few Swarovski crystals (a few because they were so expensive!) and a couple of craft gems.  The project was finished off with a black ribbon.  To give the project a sparkle, I sewed on the LilyPad board, light sensor and LED lights. This project glows when it is dim or dark, and flickers when it is bright".... Read more

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Cactus Pincushion
The pebbles at the base are made of felt

Tutorial at The Art Bug Blog

"Materials: Felt - For Cactus, Flower, Base (green for cactus and any color you like for the flower), Floral Scrap Cloth and Ric-rac or lace, Paper Coffee Cup, Cardboard Paper, Pebbles, Scissors, Glue, Synthetic Cotton Filling, Sewing Needle & Thread.  Cut the coffee cup to make a mini pot, I left just about an inch, fill in with some pebbles to give some weight. Add glue and cover with a cardboard paper.  Cover the base with floral cloth and ric-rac. Use felt to cover the top.  Cut 8 shapes like below from green felt".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Bunny Headband
Cute headband with felt ears

Tutorial at Curly Made Blog

"As you probably already guessed today's DIY is Easter related, that's right there is only 26 days left to eat all the chocolate eggs possible and make your favorite Easter crafts.  To anyone who still has no idea what to make here is a quick bunny headband".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Dr. Seuss Teacher's Gift
15 minute craft that will make a great gift for that special teacher

Tutorial at The Country Chic Cottage Blog

"I am continuing on Dr. Seuss week with a great Dr. Seuss gift in a jar for teachers.  All this week I am sharing 15 minute crafts for Craft Lightning.  Each morning myself and 30 Minute Crafts will share a quick and easy craft then each afternoon we will round up Dr. Seuss crafts from our series partners.  If you want a chance to be featured, be sure to link up your Dr. Seuss crafts to our Craft Lightning linky party.  Plus if you have missed any of the fun, check out the round ups from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.  Or you can find them all and more on our Dr. Seuss Pinterest board.  I just had to add a jar to the mix this week.  I came up with this fun Dr. Seuss gift in a jar that you will love".... Read more

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Fashion Hat Candy Holders
Fill cute hats with candy treats

Tutorial at Grass Potato Blog

"With this warm weather and the blooming flowers, say bye to scarfs, boots, and winter hats and welcome Spring fashion with these Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats.  Just use your surplus of Easter eggs and a little bit of imagination to make these chic hats.  These fashion goody hats are perfect for your Easter or garden tea party or perhaps your little princess birthday party.  Any occasion you choose to make them, they will surely be tons of fun to make"....Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Crocheted Flower
Crochet tutorial for a unique flower motif

Tutorial at Niftynnifer Blog

"Using White(Patons Canadiana 4 Medium)  Round 1:  Loosely Ch 3, 11 dc in 3rd ch from hook.(11dc)  Rounds 2 and 3:  Ss to join.(mnr) 11 dc in same ch as previous 11 dc. (11dc)  Round 4:  Ss to join Pink(Patons Canadiana 4 Medium). Tie off white. Ch 1. Turn. Ss in same st. * ss in next st, ch 1, ss in same st.* Repeat from * to * 10 more times.  Round 5:   Ss  to join, * Ch 4, ss in next ch 1 of previous round.*Repeat from * to * around".... Read more

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Cloud Watercolor Artwork
Free cut file for creating an April Showers art work

Tutorial at Mabey She Made It Blog

"A lot of you have probably seen this decor available at Target –I know it’s been popular.  I love how fresh it is and the ombre look. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to create something inspired by it. At first, I was going to do hearts and a red background for Valentine’s Day–didn’t happen. Then I thought I’d do shamrocks, but who am I kidding–I don’t decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. Then one day I was driving, and I noticed how the blue sky did this same thing–darker at the horizon and lighter the further up I looked. There were a few fluffy clouds in the sky, and I knew I’d found the perfect mix of inspiration–April Showers".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Paper Plate Flower
Flower made with paper plates and milk jug

Tutorial at Saranyajo Blog

"First draw a round (size of a tumbler) at the center of the paper plate and cut the sides like a flower with thin sharp-edged petals. Do the same for all three plates. For a thick paper plate, we can open each petals into two layers. the upper layer is a normal paper which bends to give a "bud" shape".... Read more

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make an Easter Egg Puzzle
Free printable Easter egg puzzle can be glued to wooden blocks

Tutorial at Untrendy Life Blog

"We love puzzles and I really wanted to design a simple but fun DIY block puzzle. Since Easter is around the corner, and I love colorful Easter eggs - well, things just fell into place.This simple puzzle is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and  for teaching colors".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Flower Crown
Celebrate Spring with a silk flower crown

Tutorial at The Pickled Herring Blog

"Remember when I made a bazillion flower crowns last year for the Midsommar Fair? Well, we're not able to travel over to Kingsburg this Spring for the fair [maybe next year!], so instead I'm sharing this tutorial so you can make your very own flower crown".... Read more

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Stuffed Peppers with Goulash Sauce
Easy recipe for stuffed peppers with a twist

Tutorial at Whoever Has the Most Fabric Blog

"Last week I bought a bag of red peppers thinking I might do roasted vegetables or make peperonata. Then I found a package of minced beef in the freezer and decided to make stuffed peppers.  These were one of my favourite meals childhood meals. My mother always made them with green peppers, stuffed them with rice and minced beef and topped them with a tomato sauce. However, Hubby does not care for green peppers, so it had been awhile since I made them. He enjoys red peppers so I decided to turn the recipe on its head and stuff them with rice and use the mince to make a goulash sauce".... Read more