Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tutorial - How to Make an Earring Display

Great idea for your own earrings or for craft shows! Love the use of a hoop. It's got me thinking...if you don't have the net, how about cross stitch fabric or burlap?

Earring Hoop Display Tutorial at Little Treasures
"Bouquets of flowers come wonderfully wrapped in beautiful (recycled) paper or in nets and I don't have the heart to throw them away so I keep them for the kids (or me) to use in some of their projects. This time I found a great way to reuse such pieces by making an earring display loop..." Read more


  1. Adorei a idéia. Muito criativa.

  2. Good idea!
    You can also make it with a picture frame!


  3. This is a super idea. I think regular aida cloth will work too as there are already holes to hook on the earrings. I have linked in this post :

  4. Great alternative ideas!

    Thanks for the link BeadingGem!