Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tutorial - How to Crochet a Mosaic Rug

Individual crocheted rug pieces can be arranged in many designs

Mosaic Rug Tutorial at Krpena Lutkica Blog

"Make 12 squares. Wash them gently, by hand, and while still wet to form a regular shape so that they may all be the same size. Allow them to dry completely. On the reverse of each square ušijte tape to prevent slippage. Order a small carpet squares in the desired way (as the pictures). Also on the back of the squares in the corners and pull-tab can sew buttons, in order to remain pressed against each other. Make 12 pieces. Wash them gently and, while still wet, form them in the right square shapes and make sure they are the same size. Allow to dry completely. Sew anti-slip stripes to the back of each square. Arrange them into a little rug in any way you like".... Read more

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