Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Bubble Gum Cupcake

I've been looking for a child's birthday party cupcake

Cupcake Tutorial at The TipToe Fairy Blog

"Here's another flavor cupcake I was working on....Bubblegum Cupcakes.  I'm sure you're wondering how good this could possibly be.  Do you like Razzles or Blow Pops?  Think how Razzles or Blow Pops taste just before it's only gum, like you're eating a candy but tastes like gum too -- that's the flavor.  It's quite delicious.  All the taste testers just loved it, even the grown up testers.  I really thought if anyone wasn't going to like it, it was going to be the adults.  The only one who didn't like the bubblegum cupcakes was my middle child, Mr. E.  He didn't care for it, which is weird since he currently has an obsession with bubblegum".... Read more

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