Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Sock Stick Horse

I especially love the curly hair on these cute ponies

Stick Horse Tutorial at The Country Chic Cottage Blog

"Are y'all ready to learn how to make a DIY sock stick horse?  You may just die from cuteness y'all!  This is the perfect tutorial for a gift for that special kid in your life.  I think girls and boys alike would love these stick horses.  I actually made a whole herd of them for a cowboy birthday party I threw this past weekend.  Y'all stay tuned all week for details on my cowboy bash. Lets get started on our stick horses first.  This tutorial takes a ton of steps but trust me y'all it is easy and YOU CAN DO THIS".... Read more

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  1. these are cute, I remember having one when I was a kid,lol