Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tutorial - How to Dome Jewelry without a Block

The amount of curvature depends upon the size of the spoon,  hammer head and amount of force you use

Jewelry Tutorial at Jewels of Sayuri Blog

"We crafters and designers generally are attracted to tools and supplies more than anything else. While I splurge on supplies (beads yaay!!) I try and save on tools by only buying those I really need. I have also been a lucky recipient of many tools from cousins who presented them to me. When I wanted to work more with sheet metal I went and bought myself a steel bench plate (block) and hammer but not a doming block as I thought it was unnecessary. However I started craving for it. So once I flame painted my flowers I was desperate because I wanted to make them 3D but didnt have a block.Irritated  I went back into the kitchen and that when this brainwave hit me - SPOON".... Read more

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