Friday, May 10, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Knitted Scarf

Attach a complementary bead to make it even prettier

Knit Scarf Tutorial at Mellywood's Mansion Blog

".... happy accidents, I have had plenty of those, namely the majority of my children, but there have been others as well, like this scarf.  You see I was planning on making this gorgeous cowl from Adele over at Mammy Made for a friend and whenever I am knitting something for someone else I like to give it a go for myself, just to make sure I iron out any issues I might come across. This is a simple stocking stitch but it's done with HUGE needles and it has been so many years since I had used needles of that size that I thought a practice run was necessary  Thank goodness because it turns out that the ball I bought was way too small.  I couldn't get another ball so I cast off and I shoved it in a bag and lazily threw it in with my jewelry making supplies. Then the second week of my holiday I did a massive clean out of my craft room, don't think I wont be showing that off, and light bulb moment the knitted necklace scarf was born".... Read more

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