Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tutorial - How to Makeover a Vanity Fixture

Makeover for a fraction of the cost for new fixtures

Vanity Fixture Makeover Tutorial at the Comfy Crafter Blog

"I wanted to share a little victory I had with a project I have been debating for quite some time. When we moved into our house, the vanity light fixtures in the master bathroom were terrible.  They were dirty, they were rusty,they had the riveted glass cups over the lights, they needed to go. However, I looked and looked and never found anything I liked enough to justify paying the $50-100 price tag to replace one, much less two light fixtures. I finally got annoyed with them enough to just start messing with them, I figured they were hideous as it was, I could only make them better or if I screwed up I would just get new fixtures".... Read more

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