Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make an Easy Pillow Cover
Quick and easy pillow covers in rainbow colors

Tutorial at Oomanoot Blog

"I managed to surprise myself and finish the pillow covers for our family room makeover in just under two weeks. And it wasn’t the only project on my plate (or actually, my desk). I’m actually getting better at planning my sewing projects in a way that they actually get done. I used to wait until I knew I had a couple of free days to start and finish a sewing project, but I’ve realized that I can’t wait for vacation (or sick days, for that matter) if I want to get anything done. This time I split the project into several tasks (cutting, pressing, sewing etc.) and did each one on a separate night. I didn’t try to push the work too late (sleep is important!), and I got it all done in about 4 nights, without exhausting myself entirely. I think that this worked well and I will continue working in the same way in the future".... Read more

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