Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Sculpey Soap Dish
Polymer clay was supplied by Sculpey as part of a Tutorial Exchange

Tutorial at Hearts and Sharts Blog

"I’m about to take a giant running leap over that line and show you how I made the most ridiculous/creepy/awesome soap dish ever.  Warning – This is long but there are tons of pics. If you don’t know how to read, you’ll still be able to make this thing by the end.  After playing with the clay that Sculpey was kind enough to send me, I went out and grabbed a 1 lb package of Super Sculpey in Semi-Transparent Beige aka flesh. I’ve made something like this before so I kind of had an idea of where to start.  First, I snapped a pic of my own hand, relaxed. Yeah, it’s a little chub. Hush it".... Read more

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