Friday, April 4, 2014

Tutorial - How to Decoupage with Comics
Almost anything can be covered with "graphic novels"

Tutorial at Sew for Soul Blog

"Sitting in the garage was an old table which I had bought years ago from a local school when they were selling off uncollected technology projects.  Now I am happy to help schools raise money for additional funds, but that table was ugly (although the least bad item of the bunch, there is obviously a reason students do not claim some pieces of work!) so we set about altering it.  Firstly we toned down the pine legs by dry brushing them with emulsion (vinyl) paint. It is a really subtle effect and very easy to do, it gives a lovely soft limed feel, rather like weathered drift wood.  The table now had a tasteful neutral look which would really allow the pictures on the top to 'pop".... Read more

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