Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make an Easter Cake Decoration
'Crown of Thorns' cheesecake topper

Tutorial at Sew for Soul Blog

"Granny made us a yummy cheese cake for Good Friday and Alice and I were given the task of decorating it.  This is what we came up with ...Gather up what you need.  For this simple decoration, it's just three items; Greaseproof paper (parchment), chocolate sticks and chocolate glue! We used our local supermarket's own brand of chocolate sticks, but they are basically that old throwback from the eighties 'Matchmakers'.  I know some people suggest using pretzels or bread-sticks, but these would take a lot of chocolate to cover them and involve much more mess and time.  The first step is to draw a circle on your parchment paper, just a little smaller than the cake you wish to decorate".... Read more

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