Friday, May 9, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Diaper Pouch
Make as baby shower gifts, or one for yourself

Tutorial at What's Mummy Up To Blog

"When Hannah was born, I made myself a Change Mat for Little Bots, and carried this around, neatly stored at one end of my nappy bag.  Before long though, as Hannah became a little bigger and didn't need as many changes of clothes, I decided I wanted to stop carrying my nappy-bag, and go back to a large handbag.  I still needed nappy-changing gear though, so I designed the Change-Mat Clutch.  I love this design, and it's been one of my most popular tutorials.  Before I even got round to making one for myself though (I made lots for friends as gifts), I decided that I really didn't need a change-mat anymore, but rather just some kind of pouch to keep nappies and wipes at easy reach whenever they were needed".... Read more

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