Friday, July 25, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Double Eyeglass Case
Hold two pairs of glasses, phone, ipod, or whatever else fits

Tutorial at Jillian Hollmann Blog

"I got started making these when I went by an eyeglass store with my upcycled eyeglass case (made using fabric from old clothes and a paper towel tube) and asked the owner if he wanted to sell them.  He declined, explaining that people expected a free eyeglass case when they bought glasses, but said he often had requests for a double eyeglass case from people who wanted to carry around their glasses and reading glasses (or sunglasses) in one compact case.  "If you can design one of those, come back to me!"  he said. After numerous experiments, I came up with a case that is compact yet roomy, and practical yet adorable! It's a bit more complicated to make than the typical DIY eyeglass case, but (in my opinion) the added functionality is worth it" Read more

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