Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Pattern Weights
Make these pattern weights with re-purposed material from the hardware store

Tutorial at Lorelei Jayne Blog

"When I first started sewing I just thought everyone used pins but I soon came to find (thanks pinterest) that a lot of sewists use pattern weights! They are quite expensive to buy but lucky for us there are lots of tutorials and tips to make your own. I’m going to add one to the pile. They are washers with ribbon or fabric hot glued to them. I watched The Crafty Gemini’s tutorial and they are fantastic but when I went to my hardware store to get more washers I couldn't find the big ones!  So I went down the aisle with the brackets and braces for building shelving and furniture I guess. I found these inch by five inch mending plates, the perfect weight".... Read more

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