Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tutorial - Add a Back Opening to a Shirt
Convert a regular shirt into an 'easy dress' shirt for the elderly or infirm  

Tutorial at Nanny Notes 2 U Blog

"My Dad is in a high care Aged Care Facility and recently, the staff asked me if I could get him some 'easy to remove' clothing.  Dad had some new flannel shirts so I set about 'converting' them and I thought I'd show you what I did. I just happened to see the shirts reduced to a few dollars in a sale, so decided to buy the same shirts that Dad already had to use in the conversion. My plan was to slit Dad's shirt at the back, so that it could be easily removed over the head, without opening the buttons. The size of the armholes did not allow the shirt to be lifted , so I  needed to add a piece, to enlarge the armhole".... Read more

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