Friday, September 5, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Block Print Fabric Napkins
Gussy up your dinner table with napkins you design

Tutorial at Well Nesting Blog

"For my birthday this year, my husband got me a gift card to the online art superstore that is Dick Blick (just imagine all the jokes we made in high school art class with a name like that emblazoned all over our communal supplies). For months I just sat on my gift card scheming over all the possibilities until I finally broke down and bought some block printing materials. Then another couple of months went by before I got the idea to make these cute hot pink and gold radish print napkins.  Let me tell you, nothing makes you relive your school days quite like sitting hunched over a linoleum block clutching a carving tool with a look of panic in your eyes (this doesn't look like a radish?!).  Oh, is that just me?  But they turned out so well I'm more than a little obsessed. I just want to run around the apartment stamping every last thing".... Read more

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