Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Mosaic Jello
Post includes many variations on this recipe

Tutorial at The Woman on the Hill Blog

"(Drum roll please) Gelatina de cuadritos, that's the name! Basically, it's fun jello made with a bunch of little squares that live happily inside a yummy white jello.  Typical in Mexican gatherings of many sorts, they are even sold in diposable plastic cups, ready to go.  While verifying some facts for this post, I learned that it is also prepared in other countries, but it's generally called "mosaique jello."  Whatever the name, it's delicious and super pretty! When we were planning the Christmas party for kids in church, I thought this would be the ideal way of making a jello - it was one of the requests for dessert, so it just had to be made in a special way".... Read more

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