Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tutorial - How to Crochet a Jute Coaster Set
A project to start while watching football

Tutorial at Olives & Okra Blog

"We’re going to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I thought I should make them a little something. I have a six-pack of jute in my craft stash, so I thought I would crochet a few jute coasters over the next couple of days. Jute is a natural plant fiber that’s made up of many threads. It comes in several sizes and weights. The size used in this pattern is similar to twine but a little thicker. The natural color of jute is a drab gray with discoloration in some of the threads, so I paired it up with a colored yarn. I picked Red Heart Super Saver, in Carrot since it’s still Fall, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Jute can be a bit stiff, so a larger crochet hook is needed to work the stitches. The Jute Coaster Set is worked in single crochet and can be completed in a few hours".... Read more

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