Monday, March 21, 2016

Tutorial - Quilt Thread Color Experimentation
Comparison of different thread colors on the same quilt to showcase the differences

Tutorial at From My Carolina Home Blog

"Standing in my French inspired kitchen, I was thinking about the toile quilt I was in the process of making.  The pie safe in the middle of the kitchen is green, and it occurred to me that the toile would make a perfect addition to the d├ęcor.  After all, toile is a French word meaning ‘linen cloth’, so it fit the theme.  Toile has been traced back to the middle ages in Europe, and since the 1700s has been used to describe a fabric with some kind of scene repeated over the fabric in a single color most often black, red or blue. Thinking about it further, I decided that I would use the blocks I had to create not one lap quilt, but three table toppers to use in the kitchen and dining room.  This gave me an opportunity to look at the difference a choice of thread color could make in the finished design".... Read more

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