Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make a Knitted Cafetiere Cosy
Keep your brew warm with a cosy simple enough for a new knitter

Tutorial at A Crafty Gentleman

"You can’t beat a good coffee, right? I’m a bit particular about mine… I use fresh coffee beans, which I grind in my own coffee grinder and measure out with a specific spoon. I then brew them carefully in my, with water just off the boil, for about 4 minutes. A quick stir, plunge and pour. SO GOOD. But you know the one thing that I can’t quite manage? Keeping the coffee warm! Seriously, it’s gone lukewarm within 5 minutes of making it. Am I the only one that has this issue?! To try and solve this, I’ve designed a few patterns for a simple knitted cafetiere cosy, which is basically the coffee version of a tea cosy. This was also a great excuse to practise my knitting skills after teaching myself to knit last year".... Read more

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