Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make an Empress Cord Necklace
Jewelry adaption to create a cord necklace in 10 minutes

Tutorial at Jewels of Sayuri Blog

"As a mixed media artist, whenever I come across a labor intensive technique exclusive to a particular medium, I look for ways to simplify the process by which I can combine it with another material or technique. I try to come up with alternate methods that might imitate or bring about the concept or simply the look of the piece but from a different perspective. By doing this, I mean no offense to the original craft, artisan or the process. Instead, I try to establish a new, previously unsought route to practicing a familiar craft. In this case, I thought, why not adapt the concept of  'capturing a focal using a cord bezel' from Soutache jewelry and morph it into something modern by using round cords and wire wrapping".... Read more

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