Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tutorial - Build a Pyramid with Natural Elements
Make with twigs, cardboard, paint, and hot glue

Tutorial at Non Toy Gifts Blog

"My mom worked as a doctor in an North African country many years ago. I was just a kid. It didn’t cross my mind back then how difficult it must have been on my dad to raise his daughter on his own for three years.  I also didn’t realize all the changes my mom had to face and how she had to adapt to a new country with a new mentality and climate, totally different from Romania, how she had to learn a new language she had never spoken before. There were nights when she cried herself to sleep because she didn’t know if she could handle everything and because she was missing her family. All I cared about were the cool stuff, like she adopted a dog, played tennis everyday (there wasn’t much else to do in the campus where the medical staff lived) and went once to Egypt where she visited the pyramids".... Read more

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