Friday, June 10, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make BBQ Grilled Pineapple
Makes a great side dish for chicken, pork or ham

Tutorial at Happier than a Pig in Mud Blog

"While I've grilled pineapple many times, I never tried it like this until Rachel said this is the way her mom makes it. Well, let me just say it's a very nice treat! BBQ Sauce Slathered Grilled Pineapple would be a great side dish for chicken, pork or ham. I placed it onto a hot grill, then when I turned it over brushed it with the sauce. This was canned pineapple, I'm sure fresh would really be nice. The first time I had it we only had a can of chunk pineapple and tossed it into a pre-heated wok on the grill, that worked well too, but the slices are prettier... and the clean-up is easier".... Read more

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