Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make Sesame Street Baked Goods
Fun activity to do with your toddler for a great party dessert

Tutorial at Just Measuring Up Blog

"The desserts were my favorite part of our Sesame Street party. Based on the rave reviews, I think they were my guests' favorite part too. I just loved how the cake turned out... so much that I was actually sad cutting into it.  It was a 12" two-layer, gluten-free vanilla cake with chocolate icing. Red sprinkles covered the sides of the cake, along with two Elmo face cut-outs - made from cut-out cookies and chocolate melts. The cupcakes were regular vanilla cake with chocolate icing and decorated with sprinkles, icing tubes, and chocolate chip cookie halves to resemble Elmo and Cookie Monster".... Read more

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