Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make Dandelion Syrup

"Tastes like homemade honey"

Dandelion Syrup Tutorial at Mooberry Farm Blog

"One thing I am very good at growing is dandelions. It is effort free homestead gardening, really. The dandelions pop up and flourish with very little attention or care. Good thing I have a use for all of the lovely yellow flowers. In addition to treasuring the dandelion bouquets picked for me by my children, I use some of our bounty to make what we refer to as homemade honey. Dandelion Syrup!  We pick the dandelions from our own yard and property, so we are absolutely sure that the flowers have never been sprayed with any chemicals. Once a nice pile of flowers is picked, I cut the stems off as close to the base of the flower as possible, and make a batch of syrup".... Read more

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