Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tutorial - How to Cable Without a Cable Needle
Technique can be used for both front crossing and back crossing cables

Tutorial at Eclectic Techique Blog

"The scene: You are in a coffee shop and have just set down with your most recent knitting project and a steaming hot cup of your favorite brew. You have worked hard all week for these few free minutes and you are going to enjoy them. You are working along and you get to the beautiful cable section and you reach for your cable needle. Oh, no! You've left it at home in your other bag. Suddenly your day has gone from a relaxing, self-indulgent day of knitting to a tragic horror. It is all ruined. Or is it? No, my friends, it is not. You can still work that cable! Do not give up hope! Relax and I will show you how".... Read more

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