Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Flower with Homemade Dough
Color your homemade dough as desired

Tutorial at Creative Khadija Blog

"As the spring season is coming around, everything seems more beautiful and colorful now, do you feel any presence of spring around? its finally here.. I made some dough and thought to create something colorful. First I thought to make flowers and decorate any wall hanging with dough flowers, but later I skip this idea because there are a couple more wall arts already on my craft table and I am working on. So I thought to skip wall art and create an ordinary thing with these flowers. Making flowers with dough/clay is really a fun idea.. They look nice in small sizes as well as big. Today I will be sharing the making of these flowers, So have a look at my today’s post, see how I made this".... Read more

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