Friday, May 2, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Corded Pillow
Make coordinated corded pillows for your home

Tutorial at Curtain Queen Creates Blog

"I was making pillows for our porch, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to demonstrate how to sew cording into a pillow.  The process is the same for any sew-in trim, like brush fringe or rope cording.  To see how to cover raw cording with a fabric of your choice, visit my DIY Cording for Home Decor post.  To make the pillow, cut two pieces of fabric that are one inch longer and wider than the size of your pillow form".... Read more

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  1. Perfect timing! I am just in the process of taking apart an old pillow (lovingly made by one of my college professors as a wedding gift 30something yrs ago)...the needlepoint front is still in very good condition...but the rest...age has not been kind. I've tried 'cording' before with less than even 'ok' results...just read thru the tutorial...see what I did NOT do before...I'm excited to try again! Thank you so much for all the great tutes you share with us!