Friday, August 15, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Mini Scrapbook with CDs
Turn a pile of old CDs into a cute mini scrapbook

Tutorial at Joyful Daisy Blog

"I just love making mini scrapbooks!  I think part of the appeal is that I can complete one in an afternoon where as my other albums are always a work in process.  I also love projects with a theme so that I can dive into all of the related embellishments!  Lastly, I love giving mini albums as a gift.  Anyone that has done this, knows just how delighted the happy recipient is to see themselves or some of their favorite people featured in their own mini book :)  This book for instance, I know my mom would love since it features all of her grandchildren enjoying a day at the beach together, however, I love it too and don’t know if I can bare to part with it!  It is quite simple to do and quite sturdy since the CD’s form the base so it can handle lots of wear and tear. Let’s see how this is done so you can whip up one yourself".... Read more

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