Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Lego Figure Stenciled Shirts
Tutorial includes stencils for boy and girl figures

Tutorial at Plenty of Paprika Blog

"Last week we started a new homeschool year and to celebrate, we made Homeschool Is Awesome Lego T-shirts.  I made a really simple stencil and it worked great, however I was inspired by my friend's little girl who wanted hair on her Lego figure to improve the stencil design. This time, instead of one big stencil, I broke it down to parts for easy customization. Also, we had issues with paint showing through when the hair was added to the Lego head, after the Lego head was painted. Fixed that as well, with 3 head designs  - hair and face fitting together like a puzzle and a simple block head. We tried it out and my kids really liked how they turned out".... Read more

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