Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tutorial - How to Build a Kitchen Sink Base
Build a base out of wood to match a sink you love

Tutorial at Grandma's House DIY Blog

"I knew from the minute I laid eyes on it that it would become our kitchen sink and that I would be building a custom kitchen sink base for it! Never mind that it had been sitting in a shed for god knows how long and it had, in fact, been filled to the brim with a mouse nest and had probably raised hundreds (if not thousands) of rodents for decades and was, in fact, totally covered in the resulting excretions. Nope, none of that bothered me! I took one look at this sink and my heart soared. It was perfect! Ok, so it definitely ended up “too high” for most people’s standards but, in the end, both Joe and I love our kitchen sink! Once we had our appliances installed I gathered my materials for building the kitchen sink base".... Read more

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