Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tutorial - Turn Old Damaged Books into a Knife Block

Recycled books and bamboo skewers keep your knives sharp

Tutorial at A Crafty Mix Blog

"A few weeks ago Kimm from Reinvented posted a picture on Pinterest of a knife block made from a few books and I fell in love. It was so gorgeous and unique and I had to make one for our kitchen. Just gluing the books together didn’t work to well for us though. I found that some of our knives tore the pages. Probably because I use those knives as screw drivers when I’m to lazy to fetch the real thing Cleaning the knife block was also a bit of a problem. Those sharp knife points keep popping out the bottom and stabbing me. Long story short we had to make some changes to accommodate our bent, all purpose knives. If you’re keen to make one here’s how we did it using old damaged books, skewers and plywood"....Read more

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