Friday, March 28, 2014

Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Finger Hook
Two projects made with versatile Sculpey

Tutorial at Hearts and Sharts Blog

"So, I love Sculpey. My first experience with it was in college. We were supposed to create something with “minuscule movement”. Naturally, I jacked around for several days and then had a great idea two days before the project was due. So I made this thing. You might have seen it on my about page. It’s a severed hand made of Sculpey and wire with a clock motor inside that is attached to a real (dead) fly.  You know how the second hand of a clock sometimes gets stuck in that one spot and it just twitches?  I found that sweet spot, and attached an un-smashed dead fly on it so it looked like it was creepily twitching on a bloody severed hand.  My creepy art teacher called me creepy….and gave me an A. Sculpey was kind enough to send me some of their goods in exchange for a tutorial and I totally lost my head and made, like, six things. I’ve got two of ‘em to show you today".... Read more

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