Friday, March 20, 2009

Tutorial - How to Make an Etsy Banner Using Inkscape (free)

Don't have any of those expensive graphics programs? You can still make a fabulous banner with this tutorial.

Etsy Banner Tutorial at Red Row Studio
"In the etsy forums I’ve recommeded the software Inkscape to several people who were looking to make banners, business cards, flyers etc. There are not many tutorials available for Inkscape, so I thought I would share one..." Read more


  1. Thanks for that tutorial! I'll be opening another etsy shop soon and Wanted to try and make my own banners and cards. I think that w/ what I just read and by using Inkscape I can do it!

    Thanks again for sharing


  2. Hi,

    Just noticed this link showing up in my referrals - thanks for linking to me! I'm planning a few more Inkscape tutorials in the future.