Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tutorial - How to Make Gift Bags from Recycled Papers

This wonderful tutorial shows us several variations - bags from magazine pages, wallpaper, paper and plastic bags.

Gift Bags from Recycled Papers Tutorial at ArtMind
"All the credit for the first part of this tutorial goes to my good friend Ana from Nanouke as it's her idea. I met her in Portugal recently after having virtually met through Etsy before. She's cool and crazy and you can only love her! :)
She gave me a beautiful Babuschka brooch and it was wrapped in coolest packaging ever..." Read more

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  1. I went over to the website and this is such an awesome idea. People can save money for the holidays because they aren't buying gift bags that range from $1.50 for a small one to mostly like $5.00-$6.00 for a big one. You could just tape several magazine pics together to get a big gift bag. Thanks for the tutorial and I will be posting some on my blog soon. come & see

    thanks again -Jessi