Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tutorial - How to Make Infant Scratch Mittens

Aw. I remember those days. These mittens would make great baby shower gifts!

Infant Scratch Mittens Tutorial at Home Sweet Homebodies
"Well, my sweet little boy is three weeks old now, and I thought I would share a project with you all that I made last week to help prevent those long baby fingernails from scratching delicate skin. I had a couple pairs of scratch mitts but most of them were too large and would fall off easily, or had scratchy elastic right next to baby's skin. The tutorial I have come up with here is for a lined scratch mitt that has the elastic inside a casing..." Read more


  1. Hi there, I found your tutorial very simple and loved the pictures. I will beginning sewing for baby very soon and I want to try out your pattern. Thanks for posting this.

  2. My baby is due in January and I've used this to make 2 pairs so far. Very nice and warm with a fleece or wool lining for winter! Thanks for sharing :)