Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tutorial - How to Make a No Snap Baby Romper / Sleeper

Cutie angel baby with brilliant mama! So smart!

No Snap Baby Romper / Sleepers Tutorial at Life on Willowdale
"So I'm forbidden from sewing pretty dresses for my son and I've already sewn a bunch of pants and a few sweaters but there is also the one piece sleeper left to sew and it can be infinitely cute and done so many different ways. But I don't want to deal with snaps or make a million button holes. So that's where this new no snap solution comes in. I thought of the idea, I tested it a few times. It works! It's brilliant! And it's not only easier to make than one with snaps it's easier to use!
I put a single zipper on the inside seam of both legs. So you still have to put the sleeper over the big baby head but you don't have to open it up all the way from the neck exposing little bellies during every diaper change like the zipper sleepers I've seen in stores. And the zip does up so much faster than all those fiddly snaps. Therefore I call it brilliant. And it's a great way to use old T-shirt..." Read more

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