Friday, May 20, 2011

Tutorial - How to Make 5 Minute Memory Wire Bracelets

Oh my gosh. So easy and fun! (and I've got the supplies!)

5 Minute Memory Wire Bracelets Tutorial at Show, Tell, Share
"I have to say, I never used Memory Wire. Not until I stumbled upon an idea while visiting my local bead store. I saw a necklace there that looked interesting. It looked like a floating bead necklace, except I could tell it was not clear beading wire that was used, but something else, that really defined the round shape of the necklace. After closer examination, I discovered that it was Memory Wire, covered with clear tubing. I did not really care for the clear tubing, but as I was browsing, I noticed they carried colored jewelry tubes. That's all I needed and an idea was born..." Read more

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  1. Wow, these are so great! I think I will have to bookmark that site and sit down this summer on rainy days and try my hand at crafting some of these. Awesome, thanks for sharing!