Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Mason Jar Bird Feeder

I'll Bet the Birds Love This

How to Make a Mason Jar Bird Feeder Tutorial at the Sunflower Patch Blog

"This chick feeder is what you will need for the base of your bird feeder.  You can find these at your local Home & Ranch, or Feed Store. (not sure what the actual name of it is tho). Mr. P is drilling the hole in the center bottom of the mason jar.  You will need a 5/16" Carbide Tipped drill bit,for glass,tile & ceramics".... Read more

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  1. Thank You for posting your tutorial !
    I have a couple questions... how long does it take to drill through the jar?
    I'm using an 18 volt Makita cordless drill with a 5/16" Hitachi Diamond Mini Hole saw, which the package indicates it will drill through Glass, Marble, Class 5 Porcelain, Granite andSlate.
    Is the drill I'm using powerful enough ? and will the carbide drill bit make a difference ?
    I'm asking because it has taken me at least 45 minutes to drill through the glass jar.
    Thank you in advance for any advice you can share with me.