Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tutorial Exchange - How to Make Mixed Media Signs

She made18 signs and one storage container with her buttons

Signs and Storage Tutorial at Altered Book Lover Blog

"I’m a mixed media artist, so any project of this type would involve some of my hand dyed fabric, as well as polymer clay, wood, caulk, wire, spackling compound, and other media, such as the use of paper, beeswax, and/or resin on tea bag papers. The idea is to begin with a plaque (I’m thinking fabric) that displays the name of my studio. It will affix to the door of my craft studio and welcome visitors as they enter.  Add to that various tasks I perform each day, which would attach through the use of buttons and let everyone know where I am at any given moment. For example, I might be in the garden, posting to my blog, taking photos, dyeing fabric, creating a page in my altered book, or even out to lunch or grocery shopping. Each of these “tasks” would be decorated using buttons in a unique way".... Read more

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