Friday, August 17, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Felt Phone Case

Simple clean design and easy to make too

Phone Case Tutorial at Lana Red Blog

"My boyfriend just bought a new phone and needed a new phone case to go with it. So I promised him I would make him one. He really wanted it to have a simple design and no bold colors. I decided to use felt, since it's affordable and if you use it in grey it gives it that modern manly vibe. I mixed the grey with some red on the inside, to make it more design and less boring :) He's really happy with it, and it was ridiculously easy to make!  Here's how, if you want to make one yourself".... Read more


  1. I showed this to my girlfriend and asked her if she could make me one (my sewing skills are limited to one class in middle school) and wow did it turn out absolutely awesome. I asked if she could make me an iphone case with a racing stripe, and man did she pull it off. Although I see that you like to keep the seams out, and i wanted the seams on the inside, so we just added a little more fabric and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the awesome tip!

  2. Great tip. I will try this out myself for the iPhone. The cases for phones are really getting expensive these days, but such ideas are good and low cost :)