Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Paperback Book Cover

This cover has a built in bookmark

Book Cover Tutorial at Make it Easy Crafts Blog

"Summer is the time for lazy days relaxing on the beach or by a pool.  Most people, like me, like to take some reading material with them.  Actually I take my reading material with me at all times.  I have books on my iphone, ipad and kindle.  Taking those things to the beach, though, is not something I like to do.  Sand and water is not exactly good for electronics.  So I go back to bringing a good old page-turner—a real book.  This easy, no sew, book carrier has a bookmark built right in so you will never lose your place.  My book, is 5" x 8" one of the larger paperback that are so popular today".... Read more

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  1. I just checked it out! Very cool! And easy too... I can totally handle it Thanks for sharing this link :)