Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Feathered Head Dress

This could be used as a Halloween costume accessory

Head Dress Tutorial at Crearescout Blog

"Last week I was very lucky to receive a gift from Abakhan, a craft
 supply store that offered a tutorial exchange with Totally Tutorial.
I decide to use the feathers that I received to create something useful to enrich our native-americans wardrobe: sooner than later there will be another indian themed cub scout camp!! While planning this tutorial, I wanted to create something easy, cheap and quick to make, but also beautiful and durable. The headband must be also comfortable, since the person who wears it has to play and have fun in the meanwhile! I am very satisfied with the resul: being made of an old leather belt, the headband is quite sturdy, and stays on your forehead without squeezing your brains".... Read more

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