Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make an Alice in Wonderland Apron

This little apron could be used for dress up fun

Apron Tutorial at Threading My Way Blog

"My latest project has been to make an Alice in Wonderland outfit for a Mad Hatter's Garden Party. First up was to check exactly what Alice should be wearing to the Garden Party. A quick search online showed I needed a blue, short sleeved dress, teamed with a white apron. It's still Winter in Australia and the dress was to be worn outside, so I bought some lovely blue flannelette. However, the weather forecast was for unseasonably warm weather, so I packed the flannelette away and looked in my stash for some suitable fabric. I didn't have any plain, light blue fabric, but I found a blue cotton fabric with a very small floral print, that I was happy with".... Read more

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