Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Sequinned Pumpkin

A video of the process is included with this tutorial

Pumpkin Tutorial at New Leaf Crafts Blog

"Every time I think of Halloween the first thing I think of is pumpkins.  I just love them!  Those cute, round fruits that we carve and illuminate making our homes feel all snuggly and cosy, or spookily themed if you are having a party.   Bit of a side note - I thought a pumpkin was a vegetable.  To me they seemed too big and tough to be a fruit, but being unsure I thought I best Google it to check.  The result - It is a fruit.  The reason -  it grows on a vine and contains seeds.  So there it is, a pumpkin is a fruit.  You learn something new every day".... Read more

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